The time had come, my mother whispered to me two weeks before Christmas that her love handles had now reached the upper limit and she wanted to do something about it. I didn’t contradict that and so this year there was an exercise bike under the Christmas tree. Here you can find out what this training device can do and whether it is the perfect start for training beginners to get fitter!

What is an exercise-bike / F-bike

A exercise bike is also called a F-bike , fitness bike or fitness bike and is simply nothing other than a training device with handlebars, saddle, pedals and flywheel for home. You could also say a bike without wheels!

Although the wheels are missing, an F-bike can also be an alternative to classic bicycle training. Especially when it’s raining, snowing or already dark outside, you can start a fat-burning endurance training from home with an exercise bike .

In contrast to the bicycle ergometer , an exercise bike has a much simpler structure, weighs significantly less and is therefore cheaper to buy. However, F-bikes usually have no training programs and technically offer fewer functions than an ergometer.

An exercise bike is aimed at people who have not been very athletic up to now and want to find joy in movement again while being gentle on the joints.

Exercise bikes – an overview of the advantages and disadvantages

  • effective cardiovascular training
  • improves endurance performance
  • burns calories – well suited for weight loss
  • suitable for overweight and very overweight people
  • Training that is easy on the knees and hips
  • very low risk of injury
  • time-saving and inexpensive training
  • low weight, mostly foldable & space-saving
  • weather-independent endurance training
  • rather unsuitable for advanced athletes
  • fewer setting options and training programs than with a Ergometer

Product Review – exercise bike / F-Bike from Wellactive

– Shipping, packaging & assembly

Ordered on Monday evening and the package was delivered to my door on Wednesday. The package was much smaller and lighter than expected. After opening, I first had to unpack the individual parts, because no savings were made with plastic and styrofoam.

Thanks to the very exemplary assembly instructions , which are in German and easy to understand with beautiful pictures, the assembly only took about 20 minutes. Operation is also well described and there are even small training instructions.


– Brake system & dimensions

The Wellactive exercise bike is equipped with a magnetic brake system, which is durable, maintenance-free and, above all, very quiet . The flywheel mass is approx. 1.5 kilograms and the weight of the F-bike is almost flyweight at 15.5 kg.

Thanks to its very space-saving dimensions, this home trainer fits into every living room and, thanks to its low weight, can also be easily folded up and stowed away!


– Heart rate monitor & training computer

A heart rate monitor is integrated into the non-slip handles. This reacts surprisingly quickly and reliably. The display is relatively easy to read, but only in bright rooms since the display has no backlight .

As soon as you start training, the display starts automatically. In addition to the pulse, the following training data is then also displayed:

  • calories burned
  • current speed
  • stored distance
  • Previous training duration


– 8 resistance levels & height-adjustable seat

The F-Bike is equipped with 8 resistance levels that can be set very easily using a rotary wheel. At level 8, a beginner has to pedal properly, but further resistance levels would have been desirable.

A highlight are the non-slip pedals and the very comfortable and extra wide seat . Even with longer training units, you don’t have to worry about pain in your buttocks here. The seat is also equipped with a towel rail and is height adjustable, so the optimal height can be adjusted depending on the body size.


– Resilience & stability

I was particularly surprised by the Wellactive F-Bike in terms of robustness and stability. The look of the exercise bike is very simple and you might think that it is not a stable construction.

However, as soon as you sit on the F-bike, you immediately notice that appearances are deceptive. On the contrary, this exercise bike is extremely stable and with a maximum user weight of 110 kilograms offers a comfortable seat and posture.

Although the weight of this training device is only approx. 15 kilograms, you never have an unsafe feeling, even if you are pedaling properly!


The F-Bike from Wellactive is currently available at a price of 99 euros . For relatively little money, you can get a foldable and easily portable exercise bike that is stable and robust. No unnecessary electronic gimmicks – this fitness device concentrates on the essentials when cycling at home, namely: Sweat, sweat, sweat!

Especially for training beginners, this fitness bike can be the perfect introduction to more endurance, health and quality of life!

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