Kreuzlifting is one of the most effective basic exercises for a strong and wide back! Correct deadlifts ensure massive muscle building, especially in the leg and back muscles! All information about the right technique and execution, as well as many helpful tips, can now be found in this blog post!

deadlift – this is why this back exercise is so effective

Exactly like squats , bench press , Military-Press and pull-ups , the deadlift is one of the elementary basic exercises and should not be part of any good one Muscle building training plan missing.

Although many doctors are critical of the deadlift, it is still one of the most effective exercises for building muscle and strength there is.


In addition to the legs and buttocks, the deadlift trains the entire back like hardly any other exercise in weight training.

The deadlift is also the perfect exercise for those who exercise at home . No other training exercise gives you the opportunity to train so many muscle groups at the same time with so little equipment.

Why is the deadlift a controversial exercise?

If you start with the deadlift, you should train with little weight first and only increase slowly over time. So it is better not to go directly to your own limits.

This prevents you from potentially sustaining serious injuries – because deadlifts are anything but harmless and therefore controversial.

Movements that are too fast or jerky, which may even be carried out incorrectly, can lead to strains or other injuries in seconds and incapacitate the athlete for several weeks.

It is particularly important with the deadlift that you focus on a clean and correctly executed technique – this of course applies to all weight training and should always be observed by every athlete.

Did you know that the current world record for deadlifts with pulling aids and deadlift suit is a massive 500 kilograms? The record holder is Eddie Hall . The world record was set in 2016.

Which muscle groups are trained during the deadlift?

The following muscles are trained in the classic deadlift:

Main muscles

  • Broad back muscle
  • Back extensor
  • Leg extension
  • Hood muscle
  • Po

Supporting muscles

Deadlift – which training equipment do you need?

– Deadlift with barbell and weights

The classic deadlift is performed with a barbell and weights. With the barbell bar you also have the choice between a classic barbell or a hex bar barbell. The latter is rarely found in fitness studios, but it is a very interesting and recommended dumbbell variant.

– Deadlift in the multi press

If you train in a fitness studio, deadlifts are also possible in the multi-press. You can also buy a multi press for deadlifting or squats at home.

– Further training accessories for all aspects of deadlift training

Step by step instructions – the correct technique for the deadlift

1. The starting position for the deadlift

To do this, go to the barbell lying on the floor until the toes – which should point outwards a little – are under the dumbbell .

The shins brush the bar very lightly , the legs are about shoulder width apart. If you prefer a slightly wider stand for more stability, you can of course also take it.

It is essential that you keep your back completely straight during the entire exercise! This actually means standing in a hollow back very easily, as the spine has a natural S-shape.

Now you look ahead , stretch your chest and take your shoulders back slightly . Keep your arms straight the entire time, including the rest of the deadlift.

2. The right grip for the deadlift

To do this, bend down and take the barbell from above . Ideally, the handle is slightly wider than the shoulders , the arms must also remain straight here.

Again and again you can see the cross grip during the deadlift for more grip . Here it is so that one hand in the upper and one hand in the lower grip almost touch the bar.

If this option suits you better, you should replace the handles from time to time so that no imbalances can arise in the long term.

3. Lifting the barbell while deadlifting

The hardest part of the deadlift is the lift. This part is not started by simply standing up, but only when you move your hips a little forward.

The heels remain on the ground throughout and are even fixed in the ground with a little pressure.

As an aid, it is best to imagine that you are not just pulling the dumbbell up, but rather backwards and upwards . To do this, you bring the dumbbell up along your shins .

TIP: If you wear long training pants during the deadlift, you prevent painful chafing, which can quickly occur with several repetitions.

4. The lowering of the barbell while deadlifting

The knees should not be pushed forward , but the hips. The shins remain as vertical as possible. By moving the hips back a little, the upper body and the extended arms are brought closer to the dumbbell.

This in turn keeps the buttocks in a horizontal position until the dumbbells reach the kneecaps.

Now it’s time to buttocks by the slight bending of the legs in addition to the bending movement.

The downward movement ends as soon as the dumbbell is on the floor again. Another very important point that should not be underestimated is body tension when deadlifting, which should be kept as long as possible.

TIP: It is best to imagine that you are about to receive a punch in the stomach – this way you automatically tense this area of ​​the body, just as it is necessary for the correct execution of the exercise is.

Here is a good video that shows the correct technique for deadlifting again visually

Checklist – this is how you avoid deadlifting dangers

have a doctor check you

In principle, you should be checked by Have a doctor checked out before starting strength training! For example, if you suffer from a heart defect or if you have to take medication that affects your blood pressure in some way, holding your breath briefly while lifting it can cause you to pass out .

pay attention to the breathing during the deadlift

Breathing itself is also a very important part of this exercise: Even and correct breathing not only prevents headaches, but also keeps the circulation at a constant level at the same time.

Avoid hunched back

The back must be used in every phase of the exercise always be straight. Never hunch your back when lifting or lowering!

avoid weights that are too heavy

When deadlifting you overestimate yourself very much fast. Too heavy weights easily lead to injuries. Therefore always make sure that you can do at least 5-8 clean repetitions – otherwise the weight is clearly too heavy!


The deadlift is without a doubt one of the most effective exercises when it comes to building and strengthening all of your back muscles.

From my own experience, however, I can only recommend everyone to do this muscle exercise with the necessary respect . Injuries from incorrect execution and technique can occur very quickly here!

Beginners in particular should pay close attention to the technique and execution of the deadlift and only slowly increase the weights.

However, if you have internalized the right technique, you are guaranteed quick success with this back exercise!

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