Do you finally want to get started with fitness training and become more muscular, fitter and healthier? But you are still wondering how and where you should train best? There are three options – exercise at home , at the gym, or outside in the open air. This article provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of these three training options.

Sport at home – flexible training, with many temptations

With the right training plan for at home and some training accessories , you can also do your training from home without any problems. Sports at home have the following advantages and disadvantages:

+ Sport at home – the advantages

You are flexible and can start training at any time. You don’t even have to leave the house for that. At the beginning, expensive training equipment is not necessary. If you want to improve your condition , then buy an exercise bike like this one. 20 minutes a day on the exercise bike can significantly improve your fitness!

A pair of dumbbells is sufficient as a training weight for muscle training or, alternatively, you can also use water bottles or other objects. For example a chair or a filled bag – you can be creative here. This will also save you a lot of money, because membership in a good gym can be relatively expensive.

– Sports at home – the disadvantages

At home, the couch is always within reach and tempts you to take a short break instead of doing sports. In fact, exercising at home is the hardest thing to overcome your weaker self , especially when your initial motivation fades over time.

For lasting success you also have to increase the weights regularly. So over time it makes sense to set up your own home gym with stable equipment, which in turn is associated with costs.

If you have a little more space, you can also buy larger training equipment, such as a multi-gym . The costs can be high at the beginning, but if you invest in good quality, you can use the training equipment for a very long time.

Sport in the fitness studio – lots of training equipment and a lot of motivation with a high expenditure of time

Fitness studios have everything an athlete’s heart desires – but they also have their price. Training in the gym offers you the following advantages and disadvantages:

+ Training in the fitness studio – the advantages

You are not alone in the studio. Trainers can give you valuable tips on your training program. They also make sure that you are doing your training exercises correctly. In addition, you have like-minded people with whom you can exchange ideas. That motivates to stay on the ball.

In addition, there is a large selection of equipment available in the fitness studio. Boredom will certainly not arise and you can always focus on different areas. You can also train your endurance well in the fitness studio, for example in spinning courses, with rowing machines or on the treadmill.

– Training in the gym – the disadvantages

Membership in a good gym doesn’t come cheap. 20 to 60 euros per month is quite common. In addition, you first have to drive there and back to the gym, which costs additional time and fuel.

You have a wide range of options in the gym training opportunities!

Training in the fresh air – out in wind and weather? That hardens!

+ Training outdoors – the advantages

Exercising outside is the best for your immune system . In winter, the cold stimulus is optimal and hardens. In addition, you fill up with daylight, which has a positive effect on your overall fitness and health.

You can of course train your endurance outside, but muscle training is also possible, for example with a sling trainer that you simply attach to a fence or branch.

With sling training you can train your entire body effectively. Training for two is also possible by simply taking turns with your training partner.

– training outdoors – the disadvantages

In cold, rainy weather, the training is quickly canceled, the weaker self threatens to gain the upper hand.

For long-term muscle building , you have to increase the weights regularly. Your own body weight quickly becomes too light here. Therefore, training outside is more of a complement to training with weights at home or in the gym.


Each form of training has its advantages and disadvantages. A combination of all three is usually ideal: The fitness studio is your main training location, you move endurance training outside and for exercises in between or when there is little time, you do sports at home.

It is definitely recommended to learn how to perform the exercise under guidance and to have it checked again and again. Otherwise unclean processes can creep in quickly, which can manifest itself in pain and injuries.

No matter where you train , the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself and you can motivate yourself again and again to stay tuned and work on your goal!