Rack Chins Ausführung

D u are still too weak to be able to perform clean pull-ups ? Or do you train at home and t don’t have a pull-up bar in your H omegym? Then you need an alternative! Rack Chins are perfect for this. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, with this back exercise you can train the entire back muscles!

Rack Chins

What are rack chins and which muscles are trained?

Rack chins, also known as inverted / supine rows, are a form of pull-up, but with the feet placed on the floor or on an object such as a weight bench.

In terms of exercise intensity, the Rack Chin is a little lighter than the classic pull-up , but still very demanding and very effective for building up the back muscles.

The Rack Chin is primarily a back exercise for the upper and middle back . The following muscles are trained in detail:

  • The broad back muscle (latissimus dorsi),
  • the posterior part of the deltoid muscle,
  • the hood muscle,
  • the large and small rhomboid muscle,
  • the lower bone muscle,
  • as well as biceps and forearm;

Rack Chins Ausführung

How are rack chins executed?

Put your feet on the floor or support them on a weight bench and pull yourself up, as in the video below, until you almost touch the bar. Then lower it again slowly and in a controlled manner.

You can either stretch the entire body straight as an arrow or let it sag, as in the video below. The former is a lot more difficult because you have to keep the tension in the abdomen / legs / buttocks.

Advanced strength athletes for whom rack chins are too easy can also place a dumbbell or weight plate in the pelvic area. This increases the intensity and the degree of difficulty of this back exercise again!

Are rack chins only suitable for beginners?

Even though rack chins are particularly popular with beginners, advanced strength athletes can also incorporate rack chins into their training plan. Rack chins come in many different exercise variants.

The more parallel rack chins are performed towards the floor, the more difficult the exercise becomes. Rack chins are the heaviest in a completely horizontal position and with your feet on a weight bench.

Are rack chins also possible without fitness equipment?

As the exercise name suggests, rack chins are usually performed in a power rack with a barbell on top.

With a little creativity, this back exercise can also be performed at home without a power rack. Two chairs and a broom can be used as an alternative to the rack and barbell.

Also u nter a stable and heavy table you have the option to run rack chins. You can hold onto the edge of the table and pull yourself up.

Of course you can also buy a high quality power rack for your home. The cheaper alternative would be a telescopic pull-up bar. Simply clamp the bar halfway between the door frame and your rack chin station is ready!

Are rack chins a real alternative to classic pull-ups?

The pull-up on a pull-up bar is clearly one of the best exercises for building strong back muscles . The problem with pull-ups, however, is that many beginners are too weak to do pull-ups properly at the beginning.

If you can’t pull your own body weight all the way up or if you are simply looking for a good alternative, the Rack Chin is the perfect back exercise!

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