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Do  you want to set up your own fitness room? The nearest fitness studio is too far away, you feel uncomfortable there or is it just too expensive for you? There are many reasons why people avoid the gym – but does it always have to be a gym? Clearly no! Weight training at home is also possible. Here I will tell you which training devices are useful for effective muscle training!

Is it possible to build muscles effectively at home?

If you want to train your muscles, you don’t necessarily have to go to a gym. Although you have the opportunity to train with professional fitness equipment there, however, a fitness studio also has some disadvantages:

  • Monthly contributions
  • you train together with strangers
  • often long waiting times at the fitness equipment
  • you are bound to the opening times
  • Round trip

All of these disadvantages do not come with weight training at home. Fitness training and muscle building are therefore also no problem from home. All you need is the necessary acquisition capital for solid basic equipment of fitness equipment and enough space.

Krafttraining zu Hause

What are the advantages of strength training at home over a gym?

  • Time factor. Getting there and driving home takes time, and in the gym you also lose time through conversations and waiting times at the equipment.
  • Flexibility . If you train at home you are more flexible, you can have a spontaneous training session at any time and are not bound to any opening times.
  • Costs. Setting up a fitness room costs money to buy, but these are quickly offset by the relatively high monthly membership fees of a fitness studio. The fuel costs for the journey are also a cost factor that should not be underestimated.

Why did I set up my own gym at home?

The factors mentioned above made me think about my own home gym. The time factor was certainly the decisive point , which is why I decided to buy some fitness equipment for home.

The trip to the gym and back again costs me 1 hour every time, if showering and training are included, then I’m on the road for a good 2.5 hours. Of course, I didn’t cancel my membership in the gym because, despite the circumstances, I don’t want to miss the gym either.

My fitness room offers me additional flexibility and relief in stressful everyday life, which is why my fitness equipment for at home is also a nice alternative when I don’t have time for an extensive training session in the gym.

Fitness equipment for home – what I was looking for

Of course, I gave a few thoughts before buying. The 5 most important factors when setting up my gym were:

  • I wanted to cover all muscle groups with as little equipment as necessary.
  • Not too many different fitness machines as my space was limited.
  • The fitness equipment should be robust and stable, so no cheap rattle frames that cannot withstand heavy weights.
  • At least 100 kilograms of weight plates so that regular weight increases are not a problem.
  • In the end, the most important factor was probably the price, because the pain threshold of my budget for setting up the fitness room was a maximum of 1000 euros.

Setting up the fitness room – I bought this fitness equipment

I have thought hard about which fitness equipment I need in order to be able to train my muscles effectively from home in the long term. In the end, you have the choice of the following 3 training devices:

You ask yourself: Why these training devices?

Well, a stable weight bench should not be missing in any home gym, because it is the basis for a lot of training exercises, such as bench press, one-armed row or flying with dumbbells.

I have been using the Hop-Sport weight bench for a while now. For me it is a clear buy recommendation, because it is very robust and therefore bench presses over 100 kg are no problem.

The power rack with cable pull together with the weight bench leaves nothing to be desired. Lat pulls, rowing and all exercises on the cable pull are possible with this high-quality multi-gym .

The weight bench + the power rack together cost me significantly less than 1000 euros . With the rest of the money I could even afford these floor mats.

Over time, I wanted to be as flexible as possible and independent of the weather during running . For this reason I got myself a treadmill for my home gym.

It barely fit into my fitness room. In the meantime, I don’t want to be without the treadmill either, because since I’ve had it at home, I’ve been doing endurance training much more often than before, when I had to go to the gym extra.

Training im Fitnessstudio

Which fitness exercises are possible with these fitness machines at home?

With the 3 training devices mentioned above, you have almost countless exercise options for strength training at home. Some of them are:

– back exercises

All variants of the deadlift , barbell rows, bent-over rows with dumbbells, seated rows, T-bar rows with the barbell, covers, rack chins , good mornings, lat pulldown, and much more …

– Butt and leg exercises

All variants of the knee bend , leg extension, leg curl while standing, lunges with dumbbells or barbell, heel lifts with the barbell, climbers, and much more …

– Chest exercises

S incline, negative and flat bench presses with dumbbells or barbell, flying with dumbbells , butterfly, covers, push-ups, dips bent , and much more …

– shoulder exercises

Front raises with the barbell or dumbbell, side raises with dumbbells or on the cable pull, all variants of shoulder presses while standing and sitting, Military Press , L-Flys with the barbell or Dumbbell, and much more …

– Triceps exercises

All variants of the French Press with the barbell or dumbbell, arm extensors sitting or standing overhead, Arnold dips with the help of the bench and a chair, kickbacks, triceps presses on the cable, dips, tight bench press, and much more …

– biceps exercises

Hammerculs , barbell curls, concentration curls , as well as all curl variants on the cable, Scott curls, e in-armed arm curls on the incline bench with underhand grip or overhand grip, and much more …

– Six pack exercises

Sit-ups, crunches, jackknives with bent legs on the bench, Dragon Flags , and much more …

– Endurance training

Walking and running training, sprints

Conclusion – strength training at home

For me, strength training at home in my own fitness room is a great alternative / addition to the fitness studio. Especially when there is little time available, I can do a training session from home without skipping the training.

That is a special luxury that I really appreciate and would not want to miss anymore!

With just a few training devices, it is possible to effectively train the entire body. Personally, I also like to go to the gym. However, if you are someone who doesn’t want to go to the gym, then with the right training equipment you don’t have to go without anything when doing strength training at home!

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