Kraft training undoubtedly has many positive effects on our body. However, the short and intense units do not sufficiently train our cardiovascular system. This neglects the fitness and endurance . Find out in this blog post why it is important to do fitness training in addition to strength training and which 5 sports are best for this!

Stamina training, in simple terms, means building stamina that enables constant physical exertion over a longer period of time.

Endurance sports that improve our stamina include, for example running training for a marathon or cross-country skiing in winter . These sports primarily train our cardiovascular system, which ensures that our body is constantly ready to perform.

In contrast to heavy muscle training, the red muscle fibers are trained , and so are those called slow twitch muscle fibers. These muscle fibers tire very slowly, which means that endurance performance can be provided over several hours, depending on the level of training

Condition training as a strength athlete – yes or no?

The heart is the muscle of life. Unfortunately, weight training with heavy weights has of all things on the heart muscle and thus on our condition no optimal training effect .

In order to develop a healthy, resilient and strong body in every respect, adequate cardiovascular training, also called endurance or conditioning training, is necessary.

Appropriate means: without overloading yourself and with a sensible training plan. Someone who has never run for a long time shouldn’t start with a fitness training in the form of a 10 kilometer endurance run!

But that is exactly what happens very often! Particularly young, strong and feeling fit people usually start endurance training with a training volume that is far too high.

Strength athletes in particular should know that a dumbbell with a lot of weight cannot just be lifted without proper training, and it is the same with conditioning!

CONCLUSION: YES – I recommend every strength athlete to train their stamina regularly and to start slowly!

What are the advantages of being more stamina in muscle training?

The supply situation in the body is better overall through the endurance training. Increased blood circulation and oxygen saturation in the blood as a result of endurance exercise ensure that the training effects of bodybuilding lead to noticeable and measurable successes more quickly.

In other words: A trained cardiovascular system that can effectively supply the body with nutrients will build up muscles faster than an “untrained” organism in poor condition!

The top 5 endurance sports, as a perfect balance to strength training

There are many sports to improve your physical condition and, depending on temperament and physical requirements, are suitable for strength athletes and bodybuilders. (For athletes we recommend Cabergolin) The sports presented in the following are endurance sports, which complement strength training and can also be a lot of fun.

1. Mountain hiking – enjoy nature and build up your fitness

Those who have the mountains close by can consider themselves lucky. Hiking in the mountains not only offers a wonderful natural backdrop, you will also burn a lot of calories . Especially extensive hiking tours of 2-3 hours with many meters of altitude are real fat killers .

I personally do strength training during the week. But on the weekend in summer I need the balance in nature. You can usually find me on a mountain top. A calorie consumption of 1700 and more (see picture below) is not uncommon. I treat myself all the more to the Brettljause on the Alm!

Konditionstraining Bergwandern

So when hiking in the mountains you work up a sweat. The constantly high pulse ensures ideal endurance training and the leg, buttocks and calf muscles are also well trained.

To have maximum fun in the mountains, it is also important that you dress appropriately for the hike and the mountain. Sandals on the mountain are an absolute no-go! Mountain boots, on the other hand, are a must-have! In the outdoor jackets for men category, my favorite is the brand “Dope”.

TIP: If you have sensitive knees, I recommend using hiking sticks. Especially downhill, they relieve the joints and offer more stability and surefootedness in the terrain!

2. Cycling / E-Bike – fitness training on two wheels

If the gym is far enough from home or if you are ready to take a detour by bike, then it makes sense to do fitness training already on the way to strength training exercise. Once there, you save the time to warm up and can start strength training immediately.

A bicycle can be used instead of the car for shopping or work. Without any special expenditure of time, the condition can be improved by the way. Mothers and fathers can also take their little ones with them when cycling. Simply hang a bike trailer on the back and off you go.

But cycling has many other advantages, for example it relieves the joints and trains the cardiovascular system and thus the condition.

Depending on the choice of bike and route , there are very different ways of regulating your fitness training when cycling:

– The normal bike,

can already serve well as a training device. The prerequisite for this, however, is that it is used at least two to three times a week for more than half an hour (at a time!).

If you want to go one step higher, you can increase the stress of fitness training with the bike with a racing bike or a mountain bike.

– Also an e-bike

I can recommend it to everyone, because it is suitable for beginners and advanced users . The great thing about the e-bike is that you can cover very long stretches both on the mountain and in the country . Depending on which intensity level you choose on the e-bike, you get easy to very difficult endurance training.

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3. Jogging – the endurance classic

As a balance to strength training, good old jogging is the perfect choice. You can run practically anywhere – even in the city – with little effort. However, the air quality should be reasonably good so that oxygen actually reaches the lungs and not just fine dust.

The terrain should therefore be carefully selected. Running training in the forest naturally offers the best air quality and not everyone can run well on asphalt.

Regardless of which environment you choose, you should choose the right running shoe ! Every foot and every surface has different requirements for the running shoe.

Also make sure that you start running slowly so that your joints, cartilage and ligaments can get used to the new training. Running groups are a good way for beginners to start training under supervision and guidance.

Jogging naturally relaxes people – if you run long enough, endorphins are released in the body and they in turn make you happy!

4. Badminton – Reaction, concentration and condition

In contrast to the badminton game outdoors or on the beach, badminton is the professional variant!

Badminton is a cool sport that is extremely fun! It requires a high degree of physical fitness, responsiveness, coordination, concentration and stamina!

Badminton does not depend on the weather because it is an indoor sport. You can therefore usually only practice this sport in a club. Sports studios now also often offer badminton courts.

It is best for beginners to take a badminton course. Good indoor shoes with a light sole are a prerequisite. In the course you can learn technique and rules and find out for yourself whether this sport with an opponent is the right one for you.

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5. Swimming – more endurance + wider back including

Swimming has the nice effect that all joints in the body are relieved. For this reason, this sport is particularly suitable as endurance training for overweight people .

In addition, swimming uses almost all body muscles. It is a form of fitness training that has a broad spectrum effect, so to speak. It’s not for nothing that professional swimmers have one wide back and strong chest muscles .

Nice side effect: The muscle building through strength training can be seen well while swimming!


If you train your muscles regularly and have already built up a lot of muscle mass, it is good to include a 45 to 60-minute fitness training in your muscle building training plan once or twice a week.

A lot of muscle mass has to be supplied with blood accordingly, so the strain on the heart also increases. Only a strong, trained heart muscle can prevent high blood pressure as a result .

A complementary fitness training to muscle and strength sports is necessary if you want to be healthy, fit and trained! In addition, the right endurance training can be a lot of fun !

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