High intensity interval training, also called HIIT training for short , is one very effective form of endurance training and lets fat cells melt quickly and effectively. Additional HIIT training in a diet helps enormously in losing weight and is almost a real insider tip! More about H igh I ntensity I nterval T raining, you can find out here now …


High intensity interval training (HIIT) – how does it work?

HIIT training is a special form of endurance training that is specially designed to activate fat metabolism as quickly as possible .

It is important to get the pulse up several times in a short period of time. A recovery phase follows immediately after the high-intensity phase. HIIT training must not be confused with HIT training (High Intensity Training) , which is a muscle building training system and has nothing to do with HIIT training.

What exactly does a HIIT training unit look like?

The basic principle of HIIT training is that after a high-intensity phase of 15-60 seconds , a recovery phase with low intensity follows approx. Lasts 30 seconds to 3 minutes .

HIIT training is also very suitable for losing weight, in order to increase the metabolism and thus the calorie consumption to the maximum in the shortest possible time.

HIIT training – this is a practical example on the treadmill:

  • Warm up for 5 minutes (jumping rope, stretching, burpees)
  • Then 2 minutes of slow running on the treadmill at 7-8 km / h,
  • Immediately afterwards 1 minute of fast running at 10-14 km / h.
  • Then again 2 minutes of slow running at 7-8 km / h
  • The whole thing is now repeated 5 times.

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Does HIIT training only work on the treadmill?

No, interval training can be used universally for any sport, with or without training equipment . For example, you can do an interval training session on the rowing machine , while sprinting on the running track outside, on a bicycle ergometer or during swimming training.

The principle is always the same: After a highly intensive phase of 1-2 minutes in which you go to your performance limits and you get your heart rate up to the maximum, a recovery phase of 2- 3 minutes.

With interval training you can apply this principle to practically any sport – except maybe in chess! 😉

What advantages does HIIT training have compared to classic endurance training?

One advantage is the time savings: 30 minutes of HIIT training on the treadmill is just as effective as, for example, 2 hours of cycling !

Anyone who regularly does classic endurance training with constant intensity will quickly notice that it becomes less effective over time. The body gets used to the monotonous load and the “afterburn effect” after endurance training also subsides over time.

On the other hand, with interval training the body is briefly but very intensely stressed, which means that increased calorie burn can be expected even some time after the training.

Another key advantage of interval training is that, due to the constantly changing intervals, the Time passes much faster as a result.

HIIT training is, as the name suggests, high-intensity endurance training and you reach your physical limits very quickly. Interval training 2-3 times a week for 15-30 minutes each is sufficient to burn a lot of additional calories.

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