Multifunktions-Hantelbank von Klarfit

Are you looking for a stable weight bench for your home gym? Then you have come to the right place – but be careful when buying! From my own experience I know that the wrong training bench can be very frustrating very quickly. For effective muscle training at home, in this weight bench test , I’ll show you the 3 best weight benches in the range of simple and multifunctional weight benches.

Hantelbank Test

Weight bench test – an overview of our top 3 weight benches

Brand / Model Brand / Model

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  • Dead weight Dead weight
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    • Brand / Model Yoleo – weight bench
    • ” cssongaption ” strong> 7-fold
    • Seat adjustable not adjustable
    • Kg / spanan> 150
    • Special features + simple construction
      + ergonomically shaped backrest
      + cables


  • Our rating_strong> > 92%
    “Very good”
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    • strong> Professional dumbbell – Premium Line weight bench

Seat area adjustable 3-way

  • Loadable up to 550 kg
  • Dead weight approx. 17 kg
  • Special features + is delivered assembled
    + very high load capacity
    + very space-saving
    + leg holder



  • <_strong> br> foldable </_strong>
  • Our
    97% “Excellent”
  • Amazon rating
  • Brand / Model BODY-SOLID – Kombibank Pro
  • Backrest adjustable 6-way
  • Seat surface adjustable >
  • > Loadable up to 450 kg
  • Dead weight approx. 49 kg
  • Special features + studio quality
    + leg holder
    + modern design
    + optionally expandable
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Weight bench test – what does a weight bench do for you?

If you want to train at home and you are serious about changing something in your body and building muscles, then buying a weight bench is the first step!

A solid bench is the basis of your home gym! With just a weight bench, a barbell and weights, you can effectively train your entire body with a lot of different exercises.

The fact that you are reading this weight bench test shows that you are informing yourself and that is a good thing, because the weight bench is one of the most important fitness advises in your own home gym – if not the most important!

Hantelbank Bankdrücken

Train your pectoral muscles effectively with a weight bench from home!

The 3 best weight benches without weights in detail

Weight bench test No. 1 – our prize winner


Die einfache Hantelbank mit Seilzüge von Yoleo

The simple weight bench with cable pulls from Yoleo

  • 7-way adjustable backrest
  • robust steel construction, loadable up to 150 kg
  • incl. Cable pulls and ergonomically shaped backrest
  • very good entry-level model
  • Seat not adjustable
  • not suitable for tall people (taller than 1.90 m)
  • not suitable for heavy strength training

Rating: With our award winner, among the simple weight benches, this is the Yoleo push bench. It is characterized by a robust steel construction, which gives you a very stable feeling on the bench. Incline, flat and negative bench presses can be set quickly and easily thanks to the back and seat upholstery.

In addition, this training bench can be loaded up to 150 kilograms and is therefore the perfect entry-level model. So if you have a cheap, but still very stable training bench is looking, you should have access here!


Weight bench test no. 2 – our comparison winner


Klappbare und vielseitige Hantelbank von Profihantel

Foldable and versatile weight bench from Profihantel

  • perfect as a basis for many different dumbbell exercises
  • high quality workmanship, very robust & functional construction
  • can be folded to save space
  • extremely high load capacity up to max. 550 kg
  • incl. leg supports for sit-ups & Co.
  • good price / performance ratio
  • no handle or transport rollers available

Rating: oblique, Negative or flat bench presses are no problem with this stable weight bench. But not just for a lot of dumbbell exercises this bench is perfect, the abdominal muscles can also be trained very well thanks to the leg holder. The weight bench from Profihantel offers a good price / performance ratio and is therefore our comparison winner in the weight bench test!


Weight bench test No. 3 – our quality winner


Profi Hantelbank GFID-71 von BODY-SOLID

Professional weight bench GFID-71 from BODY-SOLID

  • Professional weight bench in studio quality
  • many setting options
  • extremely robust and of high quality
  • high load capacity up to 450 kg
  • various attachments optionally available
  • modern design
  • no rolls on your feet
  • high price

Rating: Anyone looking for a gym quality weight bench will have a lot of fun with the Kombibank Pro from BODY-SOLID. This training bench offers high quality workmanship and an extremely high load capacity of up to 450 kg. Heavy barbell bench press is no problem with this stable fitness bench!

In addition, this weight bench can be expanded with various attachments (curl desk, lat pulldown, leg extension / flexor). No matter if beginner or heavyweight bodybuilder I can recommend this bench to everyone! For this reason it is the quality winner in our weight bench comparison test.

Weight bench test – we recommend this multifunctional weight bench

brand brand

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  • functions functions
  • Resilient up to Resilient until
  • Dead weight Dead weight
  • “csscong3_hlehne adjustable” strong> Backrest adjustable
  • foldable foldable
  • Our
  • Amazon rating Amazon rating
  • Brand Sportstech
  • incl. Weight without weights
  • functions + dip handles
    + push-up handles
    + weight plate stand
  • class Loadable up to – max. Total load 170 kg
  • Dead weight 22.7 kg
  • adjustable backrest foldable
  • Our
    “Very good”
  • Evaluation
  • class => <_strong3> brand span> Klarfit </_strong3>
  • incl. Weight without weights
  • functions + dip handles
    + butterfly
    + leg curl
    + curl bench with dumbbell rack
    + Cable
  • Loadable up to – dumbbell rack up to 180 kg
    – butterfly arms up to 40 kg
    – leg curlers up to 60 kg
    – total load up to 280 kg
  • Dead weight 40 kg
  • adjustable backrest foldable
  • Our > rating css3_hidden_strong> span> 94%
    “Very good”
  • Amazon rating

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multifunctional weight bench?

Advantages: More exercise variations

In most cases, multifunctional weight benches offer many exercise options, which can bring more variety to training at home. The fitness training is never boring and is therefore particularly effective.

An additional cable pull or weight bench covers also offer many advantages. For example, the risk of injury is greatly reduced by a support for a barbell when bench press.

The training of individual isolated muscle groups is also optimally possible with a support for leg or bicep curls.

Disadvantages: The price and not to forget the size

The more equipment a weight bench provides, the higher the price and size will of course be. However, some features can be very helpful and even save money in the long run.

The muscles need new stimuli from time to time through new training exercises. With a multifunctional weight bench, you can save yourself later purchase costs with new training equipment.

The 2 best multifunctional weight benches in detail

Multifunctional weight bench test no. 1 – our prize winner


Hantelbank mit Hantelablage von Sportstech

Weight bench with dumbbell rack from Sportstech

  • stable weight bench for beginners and professionals
  • Incline bench function
  • incl. dip handles, push-up handles and weight plate stand
  • Total load capacity up to max. 170 kg
  • 2 different barbell racks
  • relatively short backrest

Evaluation: It is completely black this weight bench noble and timeless. A special highlight are the additional dip handles, the push-up handles and two different barbell racks. Two practical weight plate racks are also attached to the fitness bench. This is a well thought-out multi-bank at an affordable price!


Multifunctional weight bench test No. 2 – our performance winner


Multifunktions-Hantelbank von Klarfit

Multifunctional weight bench from Klarfit

  • Multifunctional weight bench with a lot of exercise options
  • Dip handles, cable pull, butterfly, as well as leg and bicep curls possible
  • robust weight bench, also suitable for heavy weights
  • good price / performance ratio
  • bad assembly instructions

Rating: If you choose this multifunctional weight bench, you get a robust and high-quality model that is also suitable for more intensive and extensive ones Training sessions is suitable. An absolute recommendation for regular workouts at home!


Buy a weight bench – you should definitely pay attention to that!

First you should consider which requirements the right weight bench for you must meet. You should therefore carefully consider the following questions before buying. This saves you time and money afterwards:

  • What exercises would I like to be able to do with my weight bench?
  • Does the backrest have to be adjustable to an incline bench or is a flat bench enough for me?
  • Should the weight bench bring a footrest?
  • Is there a support for the weight bench, for example for biceps exercises or bench press ?
  • Should the weight bench be expandable later with additional equipment?
  • How big can the weight bench be?
  • How much money do I want to spend on my weight bench?

TIP: When considering the price, please note that an expensive weight bench is not always the best. However, you shouldn’t save too much when purchasing a good weight bench.

Most of the time, cheap devices are poorly made and have wobbly constructions, which under certain circumstances also represent a higher risk of injury. Particular attention should be paid to a certificate that certifies all TÜV guidelines when purchasing.

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