Skiing is THE number 1 winter sport and above all requires strength and fitness . So that you experience maximum fun on the slopes and you can whiz down the mountain as safely as possible, a certain basic fitness is required! In this blog post I will tell you how you can get yourself through ski gymnastics and specific exercises perfectly prepare for the next skiing holiday can …

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Training for skiing? Therefore you should prepare

The joy of a skiing holiday is great, but for many people the preparation for it ends after buying new ski equipment. Skiing should by no means be underestimated!

Since I live in Tyrol and the mountains are my neighbors, I know only too well how challenging this winter sport can be on the snow slopes. Not only muscle strength in the legs is required, but also speed, a good balance, as well as coordination and, above all, stamina.

So if you don’t do muscle and fitness training regularly, then you should prepare yourself physically for it at least 1-2 months before skiing in the form of Ski gymnastics with special exercises.

– The advantages of a trained body on the slopes are:

  • Ski gymnastics exercises strengthen the muscles and thus prevent sore muscles the first time you ski on the slopes.
  • More strength in the legs means more stability, safety and control when skiing
  • Well-trained muscles tire much more slowly. This prevents muscle tremors and feelings of weakness.
  • Above all, skiing demands endurance. With more stamina you won’t be completely out of breath after the first descent.
  • All of these advantages also ensure significantly more driving fun!
  • Should you fall, a trained body is significantly less prone to injuries .

Skiing – which muscles are used?

Long skiing on the slopes requires strength and stamina. The entire core muscles are required for strength. During ski training, you should therefore focus on stable leg, abdominal and buttock muscles , as well as strengthening the entire back muscles .

TIP: If your ski equipment is getting on in years, you should think about buying a new modern alpine ski. I personally ski the Atomic Cloud ski, which is much more effortless to steer than my old model from before!

– How long in advance should you start skiing gymnastics?

That depends in particular on how well your muscles are already trained. If you don’t do any sport at all, you should start with muscle training at least 2-3 months in advance .

2-3 training units per week for 30-45 minutes each are sufficient. In the next paragraph you will find out which exercises are best suited for ski preparation …

Skigymnastik Muskulatur

These muscles are particularly stressed when skiing!

Ski gymnastics – the 5 best exercises for more muscle strength

Important: Before you start skiing gymnastics and thus training your muscles, you should always warm up sufficiently !

The following ski gymnastics exercises are perfect for physical preparation for your skiing holiday. I recommend doing the muscle exercises in a fitness studio under professional supervision!

1. Squats

This ski gymnastics exercise is by far the most effective exercise for preparing for skiing. Many muscle groups are trained here at the same time. For example, the entire leg muscles, buttocks, calves and even the lower back.

You can find detailed information about technique, execution and mistakes when squatting in this blog post …

2. lunges

In addition to or as an alternative to the squats, lunges are also an excellent muscle building exercise for legs, stomach and buttocks! Coordination, balance as well as ankle and knee joints are trained here.

The exact description of this simple exercise, you can read here …

3. Forearm support / plank

This exercise basically trains the entire body, but especially the core and back muscles. Planks are very effective and easy to do anywhere.

Assume the position like the woman in the following picture and try to hold this position as a beginner for 20-40 seconds . Are you already something advanced , then you can do 1 minute and more!

Skigymnastik Plank

4. Downhill squat

Of course, the downhill squat should not be missing during ski gymnastics. Here you train specifically to postpone burning thighs. Fatigue occurs more slowly over time and you can last longer on the slopes.

Try to hold the downhill squat for 20-60 seconds and make sure that thighs and calves form a 90 degree angle .

5. Abdominal training (ab-rollers, crunches & Co.)

When skiing, stable and strong abdominal muscles are particularly important. It therefore makes perfect sense to train your abs before going on a skiing holiday. No matter which exercise you choose, your abdominal muscles should burn after each set!

The best abdominal muscle exercises for at home can be found here – for the gym I recommend this blog post !

Example: Ski gymnastics training plan 3x per week

  • 3 sets of squats of 10 repetitions
  • 2 sets of lunges of 12 repetitions
  • Hold 3 sets of planks as long as possible
  • Hold down 3 sets of downhill squats for 20 to 60 seconds each
  • 4 sets of crunches of 10-12 repetitions

Ski gymnastics exercises - Best stretches for skiing - Endurance training

Tip at the end – don’t forget endurance training!

As mentioned above, the ideal preparation for fun on the slopes should consist of strength and conditioning training . The constant change of direction, tensing the abdominal muscles, as well as slowing down and controlling your own body weight require a lot of stamina and endurance!

I can assure you that no matter how cold it is, you will work up a sweat with a good swing of the fronds. So that you don’t have to stop every 10 meters on the descent to take a breath and gather strength, it makes sense to build up your condition at least 1 month before your skiing holiday.

For a good training effect, 2 easy endurance units per week are sufficient for 30 to 60 minutes each.

– Which endurance sport is best for preparing for skiing?

Which endurance sport you choose is entirely up to you. There are many sports that are very suitable for this. Some I can recommend are:


Under no circumstances should you go on a skiing holiday without training , because that can end badly!

As a result of excessive strain, untrained people can quickly experience tendon, ligament, muscle or knee pain, which then usually leads to the interruption of the ski holiday.

Snow lovers shouldn’t underestimate skiing. This is a demanding endurance sport , which also demands a lot of strength and body tension . Ski gymnastics and endurance training are therefore perfect for preparation and prevention!

Nothing stands in the way of maximum fun on the slopes!

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