Unfortunately the six pack didn’t work out again this year? The fat is very stubborn, especially on the stomach. To conceal this, a too large t-shirt does not help. The only thing that really helps is an effective abdominal muscle training in combination with the right diet. In this article I will show you the three best abdominal muscle exercises . You will also find out what you have to pay particular attention to during the Sixpack Training !

No six-pack despite hard abdominal training ?

The fact is: Everyone has abdominal muscles, most people just don’t see them!

The abdominal muscles lie under the belly fat, which can be very dangerous if you have a lot of it – keyword: Overweight !

So if your goal is to build a visible six-pack, then you should definitely make sure to keep your body fat percentage low. The mean thing: In men, fat deposits attach to the stomach more often and faster than in women.

How do your abdominal muscles become visible?

There is only one way to make the abdominal muscles visible in a natural way and that is by losing fat! If you are a man, your body fat percentage should be below 12% , because only then will the six-pack become clearly visible in most men.

And how is it with women? There, on the other hand, the abdominal muscles usually appear clearly with w less than approx. 20% body fat . So that you as a man can imagine something like this, you can see my abdominal muscles with a body fat percentage of approx. 12% in the following picture.

In theory, fat loss works by eating fewer calories than your body needs over a longer period of time – keyword: calorie deficit . You can find out exactly how you can put this into practice in my 2-part series of articles on the topic of losing weight on the stomach:

Tips that you should definitely consider for a great six-pack

To burn belly fat, you have to work up a sweat with six pack training. Even if you find it difficult to do sports after work – you have to sweat! So always remember: You will only burn a lot of calories if you work up a sweat while doing abdominal muscle training.

So that your body can always call up its full performance during muscle training and to keep the testosterone level high , i it is important not to drink alcohol and to avoid cigarettes if possible.

These two stimulants affect your condition, your fat metabolism, muscle building, your ability to regenerate and much more!

Another 6 tips that melt your belly fat and help you lose weight

  1. Eat a lot of vegetables! 1 to 2 kilograms a day is ideal.
  2. Overall, eat less fruit than vegetables, because there is a lot of fructose in fruit, which is not unhealthy, but counterproductive for fat loss.
  3. If you want to eat meat, make sure that you eat white meat. For example chicken or lean beef.
  4. Make sure that you consume enough omega 3 fatty acids, because the body uses fatty acids to maintain the hormonal balance and thus also the fat metabolism. You can find healthy fats in fish, nuts or in olive, linseed and walnut oil.
  5. In the evening you should also completely avoid carbohydrates at least 3 hours before going to bed.
  6. Plan an additional two cardio units a week ( for example HIIT ) in your training plan . This also helps to keep the fat metabolism constantly high.

The three best abdominal muscle exercises for building a steel-hard six-pack

Abdominal muscle exercise no. 1 – Reverse crunch – ideal for starting abdominal muscle training

This abdominal muscle exercise is particularly suitable for beginners because it is easy to learn, can be performed anywhere and very effective!

Abdominal muscle exercise No. 2 – AB roller – abdominal muscle exercise with potential for improvement

At the beginning, ab training with the AB roller is quite demanding. I made good progress very quickly with this six-pack exercise. If this abdominal exercise becomes too easy for you at some point, you can increase the intensity again by simply placing a weight plate on your back / neck.

The best abdominal muscle exercises No. 3 – Dragonflags – not for beginners

The absolute hardcore exercise among the abdominal muscle exercises is clearly the dragon flag! Only an advanced athlete will be able to do this six-pack exercise properly, because it requires very strong abdominal muscles and high body tension.

You can see the perfect execution of this abdominal muscle exercise in the following video:


These are the 3 best training devices for sixpack training at home

Closing word

These three abdominal muscle exercises will make your abdominal muscles burn and this is exactly how it has to be, because when training abdominal muscles, the following applies: No pain – no gain!

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