Do you want to train your leg muscles optimally from home? It is often not always easy to find exercises for an effective leg training within your own four walls. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to 5 very effective leg exercises in this blog post, which you can easily do from home with little equipment!

Targeted fat loss on the legs and building muscles at the same time?

Basically you have to know that targeted fat loss on the legs is not possible. With fat loss, the body always decides for itself where to burn the fat. Unfortunately, you cannot specifically influence this process.

Nevertheless leg training has a lot of advantages also for fat loss! The leg muscles are a very large group of muscles. By building up the leg muscles, the body automatically burns more fat because muscles are calorie eater.

So a lot of muscle automatically means a higher basal metabolic rate! For this reason alone, leg exercises should not be missing in any training plan at home!

Are expensive training equipment necessary for effective leg training at home?

An effective and varied leg workout is also possible at home. The leg muscles are the largest and usually the strongest muscle area in our body. For this reason, you also need correspondingly high weights during training. We recommend the following training devices for leg training at home:

Basic equipment for training your legs at home:

For more intensive leg training at home, we recommend the following equipment for advanced users:

These are the 5 best and most effective leg exercises for leg training at home

Info: The five following leg exercises are suitable for both men and women!

1. Leg exercise for leg training at home – lunges

  • Target muscles used: Gluteus maximus, quadriceps femoris (quadriceps femoris)
  • Supporting muscles: Hamstrings (musculus biceps femoris)
  • TIP: In order not to unnecessarily strain the knee joint, always make sure to maintain an angle of 90 degrees. Advanced athletes can also do this leg exercise with dumbbells in their hands.

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2. Leg exercise for leg training at home – climber with dumbbells

  • Target muscles used: Four-headed hamstrings (quadriceps femoris), hamstrings (biceps femoris), gluteus greater (gluteus maximus)
  • Supporting muscles: Back extensor (musculus erector spinae), three-headed adductor (musculus adductor)

3. Leg exercise for leg training at home – Dumbbell squats

  • Target muscles used: Quadriceps (quadriceps femoris), gluteus greater muscle (gluteus maximus), gluteus middle muscle (gluteus medius muscle)
  • Supporting muscles: Long head of the biceps – Musculus bizceps femoris (caput longum), Short head of the biceps – Musculus biceps femoris (caput brevis)
  • TIP: For the sake of your intervertebral discs, pay close attention to a straight back during the entire exercise!

4. Leg exercise for leg training at home – Bulgarian split squats with dumbbells

  • Target muscles used: Quadriceps (musculus quadriceps femoris), gluteus greater muscle (gluteus maximus muscle), gluteus middle muscle (gluteus medius muscle)
  • Supporting muscles: The entire core muscles

5. Leg exercise for leg training at home – Dumbbell calf raises

  • Target muscles used: Twin calf muscle (m. gastrocnemius), clod muscle (m. soleus )
  • Note: Choose a number of repetitions from 15 – 20 and make sure to use the entire ROM (Range of Motion) possible.
  • TIP: You can find more information on the subject of “proper calf training” in this post !

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