The time has come – you finally want to get started with muscle training at home to get fitter, healthier and more muscular? Now the only question left is: How does a full body workout work with just a pair of weights? In this blog post I will show you 7 effective dumbbell exercises (including training plan) , with which you can train your entire body and build muscles you can!

Ganzkörpertraining mit Kurzhanteln

Is full body training only possible with dumbbells?

In a nutshell: Yes! Many muscles of the body can be trained with a pair of dumbbells. There are tons of dumbbell exercises for every muscle area.

It is important to do the whole thing with a plan and not just train straight away. If you train wildly and maybe leave out a muscle group, you run the risk of injuring yourself. At the bottom of this blog post, I have put together a example full body training plan with dumbbells only .

If you then train regularly with dumbbells for a while, you will soon notice that you are getting stronger and the weights are lighter. Then you have to know that muscles can only be built up by increasing the weight regularly.

The muscles need new training stimuli from time to time so that you become stronger and so the muscles can enlarge ( hypertrophy). For this reason you should have enough weight plates available and increase the weights regularly.

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Whole-body training with dumbbells – 7 effective muscle exercises

1. Leg exercise – dumbbell lunges

Performing this leg exercise is simple, yet extremely effective. This dumbbell exercise works the entire buttock and leg muscles. Take the dumbbells in your hands and step forward. Make sure the knee isn’t touching the floor. Go back to the starting position shortly before.

Kurzhantel Ausfallschritte

Execution – dumbbell lunge

2. Back exercise – one-armed row

The perfect dumbbell exercise for back training at home. When rowing with one arm, you can also lean on your sofa or chair. In addition to the back muscles, the neck, back shoulders and biceps are also trained.

einarmiges Kurzhantelrudern

Execution – one-armed dumbbell row

3. Chest exercise – dumbbell bench press (chest exercise)

There is no weight bench available for this exercise? No problem, you can also lie flat on the floor during this exercise or, for example, with your upper back on a coffee table – be creative! Dumbbell bench press is next the classic barbell bench press , one of the best chest exercises there is!

Kurzhantel Bankdrücken

Execution – dumbbell bench press

4th shoulder exercise – lateral raise

Broad shoulders? With this exercise you will get it! The lateral raise is one of my favorite exercises for strong shoulders. You can also find all information about lateral raises in this blog post .


Execution – lateral raise

5. Triceps exercise – Kickbacks

There are many dumbbell exercises for the triceps. One triceps exercise that I really like, however, is kickbacks. As you can see in the picture below, you can do this dumbbell exercise while standing or you can support yourself on a stable chair or table. It is important here to put the elbows close to the body and to keep the upper arm, including the elbow, always in the same position. Only the forearm moves!

Kickbacks mit Kurzhantel

Execution – kickbacks with dumbbells

6. Biceps exercise – concentration curls

A very effective bicep exercise. You will quickly notice – this exercise really hits the mark! I have already written a detailed blog post about concentration curls here .


Execution – concentration curls

7. Sixpack exercise – crunches with dumbbells

Crunches without a dumbbell can be very challenging. However, if you like it a little heavier, you can train your stomach even more intensively by lifting a dumbbell. You can see exactly how this exercise works in the video below:

Full-body training plan with dumbbells

Now you know 7 very effective exercises with which you can train the entire body. Now the only questions are: How many sets and repetitions per workout? How often do you exercise a week? And in which order should the exercises be completed?

For this reason, I have put together the following sample full-body training plan from the dumbbell exercises mentioned above:

  • 3 sets of dumbbell lunges, 8-10 reps per set
  • 3 sets of one-armed dumbbell rows, 8-10 reps per set
  • 3 sets of dumbbell bench presses, 8-10 reps per set
  • 2 sets of lateral raises, 10-12 reps per set
  • 2 sets of kickbacks, 10-12 reps per set
  • 2 sets of concentration curls, 10-12 repetitions per set
  • 3 sets of dumbbell crunches, 10-12 reps per set

Important: You can do this training plan at home every 2 to 3 days. Even if you are motivated, you should always take a break from training for 1-2 days after training so that the muscles can regenerate and build up completely for the next training session.


A full body workout with dumbbells is also possible from home. In the beginning, it is certainly not easy to motivate yourself to exercise regularly. However, with the above training plan and a little discipline, you will be able to achieve quick results.

The sore muscles will also show you the next day that you have trained hard. If you then increase the weights from time to time, the reward in the mirror will not be long in coming! 😉 Good luck!

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